Monday, 23 April 2012

Moody Monday

Blah, was so angry at life before. Still angry now. There's no reason to be angry now but I am.

Basically, what happened was.. Me & Matthew planned on going to The Trafford Centre because we hadn't been in awhile. I got dressed, skinny jeans, fitted shirt/jacket thing & then BAM, only one FRIGGIN' SHOE!
How the hell did I only bring one of my shoes to Matthews? What an idiot.
Yesterday, I had to borrow his sisters boots because I left mine at home. & today I realized I'd only brought one shoe to go with the outfit I had for today.

The reason I was in SUCH a mood was because the only other shoes I had with me were my UGGs
 Well, they're my slippers now because of the mess they're in..

So anyway.. I tried to make Matthew leave me at his whilst he went by himself but that didn't go too well. 
Instead, he made me wear my slippers which look like this..

I know, I know, they're disgusting. I can't remember the last time I went out in public in them except from walking to the car in my PJ's the other day to come to Matthew's in them.

So now, you can understand why I was in a mood. I came to a beautiful place, which looks like this by the way (just in case you have never been, or seen The Trafford Centre)

& I walked around this beautiful place, with a face pulled something a little bit like this..

So now you know why I've been in the worst mood ever for the past couple of hours or so.
I walked around the nicest place in Manchester, looking like an orphan - nice.. NOT!

On the plus side! Matthew said he will buy me some new converse when he gets paid, yayyy! :)
Apart from that, I'm still in a mood..


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