Sunday, 29 April 2012

Poorly Paige

I'm not poorly as in, sick poorly, but I'm not in the fittest state :(

Firstly, for the past couple of days, my big teeth at the back are coming through. The one on the top left is literally cutting into the back of my cheek & it's almost impossible for me to open my mouth without pain.
 I can speak, but you can tell that I'm in pain because I can't speak properly.
In other words, I sound like a douchebag..
 I'm having such a nightmare because I can't open my mouth enough to eat without it hurting, so I've not been eating properly.

Secondly, my feet are KILLING!
As you may know if you read my previous post, I now have a job as a waitress & yesterday was my first shift.
 7 hours, non-stop rushing around. No break, no food, no nothing. Death was calling my name!
Death wasn't calling my name - slight exaggeration..
But anyway, back to what I was saying.. My poor little feet are KILLING. 
So I'm now laying in Matthew's bed (whilst he's at work in this dreadful rain) resting my feet :)

This is what I look like..
No laughing at me guys, I'm dying okay

So yeah, that's me, in pain, chilling in Matthew's bed/messy room.
I refuse to tidy it AGAIN.

Anyway, have a lovely chilled Sunday like me :)
Minus the pain :(

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