Wednesday, 18 April 2012

All Silk Err'thangg

Ahh I love silk! So soft, so smooth..

I have my silk pillow cases & my silk night gown on.
 Complete comfort - yuppp!


  1. You should also use a silk hair scrunchie to put your hair up when you sleep, wash your face etc. It will keep your hair in better condition as they don't pull like hair bands do and it will nice right in with your love for silk :)

    1. Hey, yeah I need to grab one of those. I'm going to get one when I start my "healthy hair journey". I've started using silk pillow cases so that it doesn't cause as much friction on my hair when I sleep & I try to only use bobbles that don't have a metal thingy on it so they don't pull on my hair as much :)
      Thank you for the tips though! :D x