Friday, 27 April 2012

Yay - Delivery Came!

Woohoo! My H&M order has arrived!
Well, a bit of it anyway..

Here's the link to the post I did showing you what I got so I didn't have to take pictures of it all..

The only thing that didn't arrive with this package was the coral/peach dress, so hopefully that will be here soon!
The bikini I bought needs to go back though :(
Well, the top bit does..
The stupid thing won't go over my boobs! So ladies, when you're getting down about having small boobs, be grateful! So many clothes look better with smaller boobs :(

Other than that, I am happy with everything I bought & can't wait to go on holiday & wear everything, wahoo! :D

Also, here's a little code I used to get £5 off - 1304

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