Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Board Games!

I went over to Amber's house before to see her on her birthday (Amber is my neighbor for those of you who don't know). She's 17 today :D

We decided to pull out a board game we used to play SO much when we were little. It's called "Frustration", such a good yet, frustrating (of course) game, but we love it! :)

This was the board at the beginning of the game..
Linda (Amber's mum) was red, Amber was green & I was yellow :)

& this was the board after the game..

I won, as you can see ;)
Amber was really rubbish, we played 4 times. Linda won once, Amber won once & me twice.
I'm obviously the master at this game... Haha!

Me & Amber have made our own drinking game out of this for her party on Friday. I will be dead. As you all may know already.. I don't drink a lot, so when I do, it's not always the best of ideas! Haha.
Just kiddin'. I'm never outrageous, I just have laughing fits over everything, even things which aren't funny - loser!

So yeah, that's how we spent Amber's birthday tonight, although Friday will be the night we partayyyyy! Wahoo! 

Anyway.. I'm going sleep now, it's late.
Goodnight X

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