Thursday, 19 April 2012

Midnight Cereal

If you don't agree with me that cereal taste better at night (for some reason) then, you're a freak.
Or maybe I'm the freak for thinking it's better at night?
Either way, one of us is a freak :)

Although tonight, I'm eating the crappest cereal ever which I'm upset about..

Yes, this picture makes them look crapper than they actually are, but it's because there's just no way to make something as crap as these look good.. Or something as crap as these taste good for that matter..

These rice crispies are the ones I bought to make my crispie cakes - so yano, the cheapest of the cheapest.. & this was all I had in my cupboard so unfortunately.. this is all that could go in my tummy - sowwy tummy! :(

Tomorrow, I may have to go to Tesco & treat my tummy to something delicious!
Maybe some crunchy nut clusters with chocolate curls - not good for my "healthy eating"
but does my face look like it cares? -_____-   <  No, it doesn't :)

So yeah, um.. that's it!

Goodnight :)

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