Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Couch Potatoes

Me & my mum have been watching TV for about 3 hours straight.
Which is weird for us because we rarely watch TV..

We also hate 6 cupcakes between us o_O
Not all at once, but, within the  3 hours that we've been couch potatoes for - woops!

Look how delicious they look though? Nice & lemony - yum yum!

Both of us are going to try & be good tomorrow to make up for us eating all the cup cakes that were meant to be a "treat" for us. 
Not for us to eat them all in the space of a couple of hours! haha

PS. Sorry that that last 8465348 of my posts have been of a cup of tea or some sort of snack or meal, my life is boring at the minute so that's all I have to show you :( haha!

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