Sunday, 22 April 2012

Plans Went To Plan..

So like I said on my previous post, we were waiting to hear if our plans were going to go to plan..
& they did..

First plan was to go to Matthew's friend's house to see his new kitten & oh my, it was the cutest little thing I've ever ever saw! Adorable!

After wanting to steal this cute little kitten, who's name is Toby by the way :) we went straight to The Beef Eater for a meal for Matthew's sister's birthday. She's 19 tomorrow :)

I just got burger & chips, which was delicious!

After that, me & Matthew got a sharing desert for "2".. But when you see the size if it, it could happily feed about 50 people!
Okay, maybe not 50, but more than 2!

Look at that wopper
I dunno if this picture makes it look as big as it did in real life but it was huge! Me & Matthew together only ate half of it & both of us are usually desert demolishers!

We are now stuffed & are just relaxing at his house.. Like I said earlier..
It is a Sunday after all ;)

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