Sunday, 15 April 2012

Healthy Hair Journey

As you all may know, I have long hair. 
Well, did have long hair..
& then I got it cut a few weeks back.

This is what it looks like now..

I know, I know.. You're all gonna be saying "it's not even short!" But to me, it is.
I've always had super long thick hair & now I have that ^

BUT, the good news is, my friend Zeena, (who now has a blog under construction YAY! ..  I'll post it on here when she has it up & ready) has give me some knowledge on what products I should use to help my hair to grow & how to get it thicker ect ect.. 
She is an absolute star! & once I get all the products (a lot of them are home-made products too) I will start to post about my "healthy hair journey"

I can't wait to get my super long, thick hair back!

If any of you are wanting longer, thicker hair, follow me on my healthy hair journey!
When I start to do it that is! Haha :)

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