Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Adventures with Jess

I met up with my friend Jess today at Costa. We both got one of them fruity drinks, I've forgot what they're called now but they were nice. Mine was peach flavour & Jess's was mango I think..

After Costa we went on a trip to Tesco. I wanted to go there to get ingredients to make little rice crispie cakes for my neighbor's birthday. It's her 17th birthday today :D.. but they didn't have any of the decorations I wanted to jazz them up & make them look pretty. So I'll go to Asda & make them for Friday because that's when she's having her party :D


After a failed trip to Tesco we went into a little cafe for a bite to eat & then decided to go & re-live childhood & play on the park - yippee!

I've also just told Matthew I've bought us a house & asked does he like it..
His reply was this - "Love it! Decent size. Plenty of upstairs room. Emergency escape slide. Open balcony. Ill take it!!"

This is the house......

Hahaha! By the look on my face, I obviously love it! :D

I had fun at the park to be honest, even though we got funny looks from people who were there with their children.
Ah well, we're still children in adult bodies! :D

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