Saturday, 28 April 2012


I got the job! I am now a waitress ^_^

My first day is today. 
Start at 4pm, finish at 11pm & then straight out to a 21st with Boo & Matthew :)
I'll be working with Boo also, how frickin' exciting!? :D 

The only thing I'm not excited about is the fact I have to have my hair up - blahh :(

 I'm thinking of going to work with my face like that as well.. 
& then put my make-up on when I finish so it is as fresh as a daisy for the 21st :)

I might add a touch more of bronzer so I'm not as white as a ghost & just curl my lashes.
Forget mascara, it looks a mess after about an hour, I'll do that when I finish :)

Hope you all have a lovely day/evening - have fun! :D

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