Wednesday, 25 April 2012

FINALLY! - Tan Wedges

I nipped into town today & popped into this shop I wanted to go in & I fell in love!
 I have finally found the perfect tan wedges..
Well, they aren't exactly a full on "wedge" heel but it's near enough. 

Waaa, amazing right?

They're a size 2 - LOL!
Yes I know, I have baby feet :) They're super comfortable - love them!

Can't wait to wear these when we finally get a bit of sun with a cute white dress or something :)


  1. Hey love your blog! i have a "app" of it on my iphone homescreen :)your so pretty, like i cant believe it, stunning! where did you get the wedges from by the way? there beautiful, could you also please do an everyday makeup tutorial on your youtube channel please and also your top 10 favourite hair and makeup products video, love your youtube videos too btw, thanks for taking the time out to make your blog posts and videos for us

    1. Hello, thank you for the lovely comment! I read it on my phone last night & was dying to reply but my phone was being silly :( you totally made my night! I read your YouTube comments also which I'll reply to in a minute.. So happy you love my blog! I love doing it :) & I'm going to start making more YouTube videos soon :) I just feel my camera quality is rubbish & I want them to be good quality for you all. But if you still want me to do them I am happy to. & you're welcome, it makes me happy to make people happy so I enjoy doing my blog/YouTube :)

    2. Oh sorry, forgot to answer where the wedges are from.. They were just from clothes shop in Manchester, I can't remember the exact name :( (I'll try and find out!)