Thursday, 26 April 2012

Exciting Surprise!

Okay everyone, Matthew has planned something for our 5 year anniversary in June & I am super excited!
Even more so after what he just said to me on Facebook..
This is a bit of what he said.. "Babe, seriously, you have no idea what I have planned. You're gonna cry. I really wanna tell you"

WAAA, I really wanna know but I want it to be a big surprise! 
Matthew never usually plans anything because he's "hopeless" at that stuff apparently. But this time, he's decided to be a man & take on the roll of being the planner! & by the looks of things, he seems to be on the ball! ;D
I'm SO excited to see what he has up his sleeve! :)

^ This is what we looked like 5 years ago :')

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