Saturday, 7 April 2012

Healthy Eating

RIGHT, I need to eat better!
I eat nothing but junk food every day, literally. So I've decided it has to change!

Today being the first day! :)
My breakfast wasn't the best option as it was a sausage butty, but it was on brown bread which is a healthy change! Usually I only eat white bread..
As a snack, I had a big chunk of cucumber with a glass of water. I love cucumber, I could eat a whole bar at once!
Then for my dinner, my mum made a stew. My mum's cooking is just.. perfecto!
This is what it looks like.. Mmm mm!

It was absolutely delicious! Oh & I had a glass of water with that as well.
  I am also drinking a bottle of water whilst I do this post - well done me! :D
One thing I hate about drinking lots of water though, is the fact I need a wee every 5 minutes! Not good :(

Hopefully I keep it up! I feel better in my self already :D
Or at least I think I do.. haha!

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